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I’ve known a lot of marketers who turn to backlink maker services to collect backlinks to their sites. Most of them paid hundreds of dollars but got ripped off from these websites and ended with junk, don’t be one of them. Don’t waste your money on backlink maker sites when you can use service for free.

Get high quality backlinks from trusted websites in just two minutes. You can gather up to 150+ quality backlinks daily and build backlinks for your website.


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Quantity VS Quality Backlinks

Both quantity and quality backlinks are important. It’s good to have at least a decent amount of backlinks to your site. It’s better however, if these backlinks are appropriate to your site and they contain keywords that you are targeting. The better the quality of the backlinks delivered by the backlink maker, then the higher likelihood of your site moving up the search engine rankings.

For instance, you are running a website about dating; make sure that the traffic that directs to your site is at least related to dating. It won’t be of any use if the traffic towards your site are adult content or are from a far different niche. That traffic won’t be converted; you’d want to get backlinks from similar websites to rake in new traffic and visitors.


The Real Backlink Maker Service Is Very Easy To Use

No need to sign-up and no hidden fees to use the backlink maker service. It’s also unlimited; you can use it as many times as you want. Just paste your website’s link on the box and click the “Create backlinks” button and you’re done. Wait for at least two minutes for the program to get backlinks to your site. Once you are done, then you can add another site and so on.

The more quality backlinks directed to your site, then the better chances of your site getting a higher rank in big search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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