Best Backlink Checker

Yes, I am sure that you are already familiar about backlink checker, but we are here to tell you that this backlink checker can change many things. But also it’s a necessary tool, especially if you run a business. When any website will put a link to your site, or any page taken from your website posted on his, is called backlinks.

So, what is the best Backlink Checker ?

best backlink checker

In the last 2-3 years, the Best Backlink Checker is SEMrush, best backlink checker. SEMrush has a large database that is being updated daily, but it also allows on your website specifically to check your backlinks status. On their main page, you can check your Backlinks status from your blog. SEMrush offers you great overview dashboard. Shows all online efforts you have made such as advertising, backlinks, site architecture and the competition.


A large number of backlinks and their quality are a key factor about how your site will rank for certain key phrases and words. Many people look for quality backlink checker, to check how many links are registered by the search engines and how it will affect your site.


Also SEMrush gives a report and you will receive information from which countries you receive the most links. But also with the backlink-matching tool, it gives you the opportunity to compare your links with others, and get clear information. Information that will show you where you did it wrong, and what actually to correct in the future.

Overall, SEMrush is the Best Backlink Checker tool, and great a choice to track your backlinks, but also help to upgrade your rank on search engines. It gives you detailed information about all the news related to the main competitors on the website market and tracking the keywords. SEMrush is a tool that you should be using right now as your backlink checker.