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Plagarism Checker Tool for SEO

Many online marketers and website owners tend to take SEO rules very lightly, that's when mistakes come in and all the efforts you've given to your site comes toppling down in just a blink of an eye. One of the things that online marketers tend to overlook is plagiarism. Yes, it's a big offense not just when you are writing your thesis papers in college but in SEO as well. That’s why you should always make use of a plagarism checker before you post anything on your site.

SEO has its set of rules for online marketers and site owners to follow, not only to make sure that the site is safe and running smoothly but to protect them as well. There are many newbies in online marketing that tend to jump into the bandwagon without thoroughly understanding the context of SEO. Most of the rules in SEO are pretty basic and easy to understand such as plagiarism.


Plagiarism in SEO takes the form of duplicate content

Protect your reputation as a website owner and your articles and writing from others who claim to be the first to post it, use a dependable plagarism checker. Don't be suspected of plagarism since it's one of the worst offenses to be accused of in SEO.

  • To avoid plagiarism make sure that your content is original, if you are hiring someone to write content for your then always run a plagiarism software before your publish on your site even if you trust your writers.
  • When you are delegating roles in your site such as article writer, editor or SEO marketer; still take time to double check and constantly ask for updates.
  • If you tend to spin articles then make sure that at least those articles have their own tone and would pass a plagarism checker. It's also good to add your own thoughts and voice to the article.


How plagiarism can affect you

In the worst case scenario, plagiarism can lead to lawsuits, criminal charges and even lack of privileges which both can be applied online and in real life. So don't be too lax about duplicate content as it can affect you and your site. Let's say that you have no idea that the content is plagiarized, you are still not off the hook.

Unintentional plagiarism has been an excuse used by many, there's always a plagarism checker available so why did you not check your content before posting it? Why risk it when you have access to tools that ensure your content is 100% original?

With the growing number of websites daily, it’s hard to come up with original topics. It can be a tough competition especially if your website has lots of competitors both old and brand new. Brainstorm with your team, ask other people, do a poll and make sure the topics are related to your site or else, what’s the point. Think of writing articles or content that people will find interesting and will search for in search engines.

The internet is full of resources but don’t just copy and paste them on to your site. There are many ways that you can do so without plagiarizing content.


Use a reliable plagiarism tool has a plagiarism tool that you can use anytime. The software is for free, you don’t need to pay for anything, no hidden charges and no sign-up needed. Use their plagiarism software to see if your articles have passed and are considered 100% original. You will see the plagiarism report once the process of checking is done.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to SEO. Don’t let plagiarism ruin you as a site owner and your site’s reputation. Run your content under our plagarism checker tool now.

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